<![CDATA[Chyun Yow Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw Thu, 15 Nov 2018 14:30:45 +0800 3600 News update(2019/Jan/21 09:52:27) http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/supplier_news.html News update (2019/Jan/21 09:52:27) news Mon, 21 Jan 2019 09:52:27 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Band Saw Machine (CY275)(2018/May/10 13:46:02)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/band_saw_machine.html The Band Saw Machine provided by Chyun Yow Machinery Industry Co. includes choices of high quality and horizontal ones for our clients, offering features which can represent the focus of the company- Performance, versatility, longevity and, above all, accuracy. The band saw machine is vital for processing wood, metal, as well as various materials. For providing the appropriate cutting speed varies for different types of band sawing jobs, George Machines adopts a fully computerized system on our Horizontal equipment products that can be customized to meet various requirements of our valued clients.

The band saw machine contains a round, serrated blade which can be used for straight cuts, irregular shaped cuts, and curved shape cuts depending on the equipment's lateral flexibility and band width. The special technique this equipment operates is considered an art. Moreover, various books have been published showcasing the potential of wooden and metal ones.

Our band saw machine are widely used for woodworking and metalworking. It is suitable for cutting irregular or curved shapes, as well as for producing straight cuts. If you are interested in our products, please contact us right away.               

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<![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Band Saw Machine (CY210)(2018/May/10 13:46:37)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/03-band_saw_machine.html Thu, 10 May 2018 13:46:37 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Band Saw Machine (CY210A (W/ HYDRAULIC CYLINDER) (NEW SWITCH BOX))(2018/May/10 13:47:25)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/04-band_saw_machine.html Thu, 10 May 2018 13:47:25 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Band Saw Machine (CY275A (W/ HYDRAULIC CYLINDER))(2018/May/10 13:48:30)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/02-band_saw_machine.html Thu, 10 May 2018 13:48:30 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Band Saw Machine (CY115)(2018/May/10 13:48:52)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/Product-2007423155730.html Thu, 10 May 2018 13:48:52 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Horizontal Band Saw (CY125)(2018/May/10 13:49:44)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/horizontal_band_saw.html Chyun Yow Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-reputed manufacturer of producing quality horizontal band saw, having more than 15 years of knowledge and experience. We offer the products with outstanding performance, durability, and features. It is a powerful tool that uses a blade consisted of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge to cut various work pieces. The device is usually used for woodworking, metalworking, or for cutting a variety of other materials.

As a professional horizontal band saw manufacturer, Chyun Yow provides various types of the equipment for customers to choose the most suitable one according to their requirement. Also, Chyun Yow has strict progress of production; each product is made by advanced technology under good management. Therefore, customers can always be satisfied with the quality of Chyun Yow products. 

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<![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Band Saw (CY90S)(2018/May/10 13:51:12)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/08-metal_band_saw.html Thu, 10 May 2018 13:51:12 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Band Saw (CY115NC)(2018/May/10 13:50:55)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/metal_band_saw.html Metal Band Saw offered by Chyun Yow is well known for its performance, durability, versatility, longevity and, above all, accuracy. It is practical equipment for customers to achieve their goal of manufacturing, bringing efficiency and quality to the product line. For plenty of applications in wood and metal cutting, this metal band saw provides two different cutting speeds to meet user’s requirements.

Since the launch in 1992, we have continued to research and develop this product to reflect on users' criticisms and suggestions. Our George series is now the favorable one for many leading professional buyers of metal band saw in the world who have come to recognize our products' outstanding performance, durability.

Diverse specifications are available for metal cutting industries. For many years, we have experienced a great reputation and reliability in band saw machinery. With optional metal band saw accessories including N.V.R. switch, machine stand and quick grip vise, our product offers quality and effective function. 


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<![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Band Saw (CY260)(2018/May/10 13:52:19)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/Product-200741913822.html Thu, 10 May 2018 13:52:19 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Band Saw (CY135)(2018/May/10 13:52:40)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/cutting_band_saw.html Chyun Yow carries metal cutting band saw with high performance bandsaw blades for metalworking and woodworking projects. There are two common types: one is floor-standing (vertical design) and the other is the mounting type band saw (horizontal design). As widely used for cutting various materials, this metal cutting band saw machine is especially good at cutting irregular and curved shapes and able to perform straight cut at the same time.

Since the launch in 1992, we have continued to research and develop a variety of metal bandsaw machines including metal cutting band saw, horizontal band saw, vertical bandsaw machine, etc to reflect on user criticisms. George machine is now a favorite of many leading professional buyers in the world who have come to recognize our products' outstanding performance and durability.

We provide a full range of metal cutting band saw with various specifications. With miter scale from 0° to 60° and cutting speed 65mpm, it is designed with high performance. The basic equipments are blade, N.V.R. switch, quick grip vise, motor, etc. Please see below for detail specifications: 


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<![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Band Saw (CY135A (W/ COOLANT SYSTEM))(2018/May/10 13:53:08)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/Product-2007419131151.html Thu, 10 May 2018 13:53:08 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Band Saw (CY280)(2018/Jun/25 10:36:11)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/11-cutting_band_saw.html Mon, 25 Jun 2018 10:36:11 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Band Saw (CY115N)(2018/May/10 13:54:19)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/10-cutting_band_saw.html Thu, 10 May 2018 13:54:19 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Machine (CY125A)(2018/Jun/25 10:33:43)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/14-metal_cutting_machine.html Mon, 25 Jun 2018 10:33:43 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Machine (CY350 (SEMI AUTO.))(2018/May/10 13:55:27)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/metal_cutting_machine.html Chyun Yow, as one of the most professional Metal Cutting Maching manufacturer in the machinery industry, is confident of providing high quality products to the customers. Each equipment produced by Chyun Yow has the CE certification. Due to the improvement of technology, now the product id semi-auto equipment. 

Most operations of the metal cutting machine can be controlled by the control panel. And you can set different capability of the product to make better adjustment for each working condition. Besides, Chyun Yow equipment has hydraulic vise and dual angle vise for better stability while operating.  

Just choose Chyun Yow equipment right now; it would be your best cutter tool ever. 

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<![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Machine (CY350A)(2018/May/10 13:56:11)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/Product-200741913425.html Thu, 10 May 2018 13:56:11 +0800 <![CDATA[Band Saw Machine Horizontal Band Saw | Chyun Yow Cutting Machinery (CY275A)(2018/May/10 13:50:04)]]> http://www.bandsawmachine.com.tw/06-horizontal_band_saw.html
The horizontal band saw is a heavy-duty bandsaw with automatic cutoff and manual blade tension features widely used for woodworking and metal cutting tasks. As a specialized manufacturer of vertical/ horizontal band saw with automatic or semi-automatic model in the industry, Chyun Yow provides the perfect cut with adjustable saw blade, automatic shut off, and maintenance-free to meet the needs of production facilities, shops, and metal cutting saw buyers.

The horizontal band saw from Chyun Yow is a powerful tool using a blade consisting of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge to cut various work pieces. If you are looking for a high performance result for metalworking or wood cutting, Chyun Yow bandsaw machine series of durability, easy operation and maintenance will not disappoint you.

With continuously designing and searching in horizontal band saw, metal cutting saw, and so on, Chyun Yow is proud to offer problem-free performance for your business demands. For more detailed specifications and features of our production, contact us right away.

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